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We are happy to share another exercise from our book, The Consious Wedding Handbook- How to Create Authentic Ceremonies that Express Your Love.  

“We know of several traditions wherein one chants the names of qualities and beings who personify those qualities. One story: A friend traveled to the Middle East where he was invited to a Sufi chanting meeting. The men came together in a room and began to chant the names of the Divine, first with confidence, then very fast, then very slow, then loud, then softer and softer until there was only a whisper, then no apparent sound at all as they continued the chant inside, then after a time started up again vocally. After five hours, the chant ended, everyone happy to have bathed in the vibration of Divinity for the entire time. Our friend said that his heart-understanding of the invoked Divinity and all its qualities progressed through stages of increasing intimacy. He felt that he couldn’t have come to what he experienced in the last hour without the previous hours of chanting.


There are no limits to how familiar you can become with the name that blesses and guides your relationship. Remember, “name” can mean vibration, meaning you can sing or make tones to invoke what’s important to you.




Toning the Name


Take any word or phrase that you hold sacred and stretch it out. Exaggerate the consonants and savor the vowels. For example, “Love” begins with a long, luscious, and liquid “l” sound. You follow with the vowel, a combination of “ah” and “uh”. You can go back and forth between the two vowel sounds, and back and forth between the consonant and the vowel. Finish with a wavy, vibrating “v”, often dropped, well worth the tingling vibration on your lips. Try it loudly and softly.


Try other words that are important to you. Find your way to a more intimate experience of each important word through the sounds of that word.


Now you know what to do if you ‘re stuck in a long line at the grocery store: repeat the names of the virtues that you admire, as well as the name of your Beloved, over and over again, with feeling. A simple practice like this can take a potentially irritating situation and transform it into one of Divinity, for yourself as well as for those around you.”

We hope that this exercise brings you great results and that it uplifts you and your partner.


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