About Illuminated Relationships


Do you want to learn how to create a conscious, intimate, and illuminated partnership?

We have created our own Illuminated Relationship and now we would like to share this powerful information with you.  Using universal laws of energy, star wisdom, sacred geometry, quantum physics and conscious actions, anyone can learn how to have a more intimate and loving relationship.  There are magical exercises and practices that can change your connection to yourself and others.


Our process is called One-Two-Oneness and is represented in this image:


We help you work on your primary relationship, the one with yourself, first so you can choose what you prefer to create in your life.  Once you are clear about your preferences, then we can guide you in creating a sacred, committed relationship.


True partnerships between people are an essential element of a joyful existence, yet so rarely do we have examples and practices for creating them consciously, with joy and ease!  We often spend more time arguing and negotiating relationship—rather than loving, laughing and growing!

Learning about Conscious Partnership can orient you to each other in a new way, and can acquaint you with the larger fields of energy and Love from which you both originated. Through the many practical tools given here, your relationships can grow. You can learn how to see more clearly, act with integrity, and communicate with respect, thus healing separation between you and your partner. Conscious Partnership is a pathway to the matrix that connects you with the wonders of life all around.

Are you ready to start your journey to create your own Illuminated Relationship?

We can empower you in the following ways:


About The Tresemers


Lila Sophia Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D., work together, their new work being Illuminated Relationships, which encompasses Self—Relationship—Creation, as the One-Two-Oneness paradigm.


They believe in the power of relationship as a spiritual path, when the individuals involved in it are dedicated and aligned with that intention. Over the past decades, they have invigorated their own partnership through inspiring, useful tools that they have both adapted and invented.


“We emphasize relationship as the best trainer for personal development—so you can accomplish what you came here to do. To negotiate the rocks of life and relationship, you need a mentor. It could be us; it could be someone else. Why are we doing this? Because humanity is coming on to a narrow rough part of the road, and we are committed to helping more people become aware of divine resources, and to cooperate and cocreate with them.”



Together, the Tresemers have co-authored and co-produced several creative pieces, and worked on two land-based projects:

  • the DVD, “Couple’s Illumination,” on energy dynamics in relationship
  • the DVD, “Brain Illumination,” on increasing awareness of the organs of the brain and how they can radiate more strongly
  • the book, The Conscious Wedding Handbook
  • The Sophia Element Meditations (com, with a serialized workbook on that process available from the website).
  • a trilogy of theatre scripts (which have all been performed in various places), all dedicated to the Sacred Feminine.
  • They have been the primary co-founders and stewards of The StarHouse in Boulder, CO, a modern, trans-denominational Temple in the foothills constructed with the principles of Sacred Geometry.
  • More recently they have pioneered the initiative of the Mountain Seas Arts and Wilderness Community in remote Australia (MountainSeasArts.com.au and MountainSeas.com.au).


What some of our clients say…

 “Over the years, I have attended many of David and Lila Tresemer’s workshops. I am always so fulfilled at the end of them. I love the way they weave their magic, both with each other and with the group. They are inspiring, and revolutionary, I feel, in the way they approach human energy and spirit and connectedness. This last workshop was for couples, on relationship. I so enjoyed the perspective that I got with my husband—the softening—the tracking of energy—of being able to take away tools from this workshop that have really been helpful for us in deepening our relationship and taking it to a new level.”Susie Kincaid,Eagle, CO., womenempower.us