lilaLila’s lifelong vision is to contribute to the Remembrance of the Divine Feminine energy, in Sacred Union with the Divine Masculine. Toward this end, she has worked primarily with female spiritual teachers for the past 40 years; learning much about how to build community, develop relationship and communication skills, and be in partnership with the spirits of Nature. Relationship and communication skills have always been core to her study and her teaching.


Most recently, Lila’s production of the Sophia Creation Myth, ( based on gnostic texts from Egypt, has begun to capture the importance of defining a Creation Myth which engages both feminine and masculine principles as the Source of existence. Working with old commentaries, new scholarship, and personal insight, this animated version of this Creation Story is a primary part of Lila’s work in the world. When we have an idea about where we come from, we are better able to define where we are going.


Lila is a group facilitator, writer, ceremonialist, and trans-denominational minister. She is a certified International Mediator through Mediators Without Borders, and a yoga teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association. She was ordained as a minister with All Seasons Chalice Church in 1998 and performs weddings on a regular basis. She is an accomplished filmmaker, author, community leader, and enthusiastic public speaker. With her husband David, she cofounded the StarHouse ( in the 1990’s as a spiritual and cultural learning center in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado.
Lila has authored several books: Don’t Go Back to Sleep—a spiritual novel invoking the Divine Feminine in relationship to some of the challenges we face in the world; and The Sophia Elements Meditations, available online as a manner of working with the Four Elements towards transformation of the planet.


Lila is dedicated to the Arts, and has provided a creative home for Artists in Residence on Flinders Island in Australia,