lila-david300David and Lila provide a balanced, integrated dynamic of the masculine/feminine principles.  Having a session with them together is generally replete with insight, humor, positivity, and increased self-awareness.  With David’s psychological perception, and Lila’s penetrating awareness of feminine intuition, both individuals and couples experience a synergy of perspective.

They work together in a humorful and embodied way that is both creative and spontaneous, integrating sound psychological and spiritual perspectives. Prior to a session, it is important that the client(s) determine their intention and establish a willingness to dedicate time and attention towards that intention. We recommend a series of 4 sessions for an optimal outcome and an introductory session is available at a reduced cost.

David brings his background as a Doctor of Psychology and his love of theatre to these sessions. Lila’s expertise in ceremonial design, the arts, and communication skills fill out the menu of what’s possible. We enjoy being creative in our sessions, and will often suggest specific movement exercises, artistic expression, and other forms of engagement and embodiment to assist our clients. David and Lila believe strongly in the power of good humor and deep ritual to shift the stuck places in personal and interpersonal relationship.

Here are some testimonials from their latest couple workshop:


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