David Tresemer Consulting

davidDavid combines his love of life, mysticism, psychology, astrology, and sacred geometry in a unique way to help you discover what matters most in your life. David can guide you to uncover the value of relationships and their potential to assist your soul in spiritual growth. Relationships, first to yourself and then to another, are a path to grow Love at our deepest foundations. All relationships can increase your level of consciousness. David has ways to help you learn practices that can offer you and your partner an opportunity to shift and grow like never before.

Currently David heads the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) program, whose faculty includes: James Dyson, MD, Edmund Knighton, Ph.D., Roberta Nelson, Ph.D., Lila Sophia Tresemer, and Karen Derreumaux. The flagship book is edited by Dr. Tresemer, The Counselor…As If Soul and Spirit Matter. To learn more about AAP, go to www.AnthroposophicPsychology.org.

Rudolf Steiner said, “By anthroposophy I understand a scientific research of the spiritual world which sees through the one-sidedness of both normal, natural science and traditional mysticism. Anthroposophy seeks to develop those forces of soul not yet active in normal consciousness and science but which make possible such a penetration into the supersensible world.”

David can share deep insights that connect your body, mind  SOUL and SPIRIT- enriching your life like never before.


purchase-medium-buttonTo schedule a consulting appointment with David, contact him at david@illuminatedrelationships.com



David also offers Star Cross readings. To learn more about them , please go to this page.