Lila Sophia Tresemer Consulting


lilaI have dedicated my life to the Sacred Feminine, and to supporting Her emergence in the collective psyche of the Western world.  I have facilitated Circles of women (and men) in several countries, and have a deep understanding that the embodiment of the Feminine in both women and men is an essential cornerstone in the crises we face on the planet. I am a minister by training, and have worked as a mediator in many situations, including personal relationships. As a ceremonialist, I help couples design their weddings, re-dedication ceremonies, rites of passage, and separation (or divorce) ceremonies.


Having a personal session with me is designed to assist individuals or couples to more deeply connect with the Sacred in their lives. By honoring and respecting how each person develops a relationship with what brings meaning and purpose, individuals and couples can better orient to the fast pace of life in the West, and to the many challenges we face. It is through understanding and strengthening this connection that the divine intention of human beings can be more fully realized, and we can more joyfully connect and contribute to Life.


My strongest ally in any of the work I do is accessed directly through Nature, and the forces of the 4 primary elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Through an implementation of simple ritual practice, journal work, artistic expression, talking therapy and meditation, these sessions are engaging and focused on transformation.


These personal sessions are primarily designed to work with what is arising for the individual or couple as it relates to developing an intimate and personal relationship with the Feminine. Some of the potential inquiries related to these sessions are:

  • How can I better grow my relationship to be more enjoyable, meaningful and potent?
  • How can I develop better tools of communication that will support me in my life and in relationship?
  • How is Feminine power different from Masculine power?
  • What is the role of gender when speaking about the balance between Feminine and Masculine?
  • How do these forces play out in same-sex relationships?
  • What is your role in bringing forth your uniqueness as it relates to the Sacred Feminine and to the mythos of your life’s journey?
  • How do I reconnect with my physical body as a temple to the Feminine?

There are many more ways to enter the session, and if you’d like to pursue it, you are welcome to write and ask some of the specific questions you are working with.


I am happy to work with individuals or with couples.  I have counselled, and married, many couples in the past two decades.  And I deeply value the importance of restoring Feminine values to relationship; these include Intuition, deep feeling, relationship skills, nurturing practices, connection to Earth and Nature.

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