Brain Illumination DVD

Directed by Lila Sophia Tresemer, with narration by David Tresemer

At your birth, you were impacted by your immediate surroundings; the sounds of the birthing room, the people present, the entirely new environment you entered. Astrology’s basic premise is that the stars affect you at that moment too. Astrosophy takes it a bit further – the whole heavens come down to imprint their pattern at that moment into your cranium.

The philosopher Rudolf Steiner once said that if you took a picture of the inside of the cranium of a person, you would see a picture of the stars at the time of their birth. He also said that this starlight imprints into every cell of the body, which passes this information on to replacement cells.

The Brain Illumination DVD relates light from the heavens into and filling the brain, then spreading through the whole body. This is meant as a meditation to increase the light of your own being. Beautifully produced and a very powerful tool.