Don’t Go Back to Sleep- a novel by Lila Sophia Tresemer

Clara Marie Cameron, thirty-six, stands by her father’s bedside as he dies from complications to an exposure of Agent Orange, the poison used durithickpaperbackfront_604x964ng the Vietnam War. At the moment of his dying, something extraordinary happens: He transmits his awareness of the mysterious transition from living to dying. Clara cannot retain this gift, until her elders help her to recall the experience and create healing through a powerful ritual of “remembrance.”

Spanning the timeframe from 1966 to 2008, this is a story of a family who finds itself in recovery from the tragedy of the Vietnam War, in reaction to GMO and industrial farming, and in love with the deep awareness of the Sacred.
Through her artwork, Clara brings her dreams to life. They help inform her of the mystery and geometry that underlie all creation. As a woman coming of age during a time when life support systems on earth are profoundly threatened, Clara uses her creative imagination and her strong will to probe the meaning of life and her contribution to it. She discovers that when she heals, she influences the entire fabric of creation towards wholeness and integration.

In the tradition of Starhawk’s The Fifth Sacred Thing, this captivating novel empowers the healing potential in every character, as well as in the reader. All involved are awakened to a more potent creative energy than anything the world’s most powerful multi-national company can manufacture: the force of Gaia-Sophia herself.