Illuminated Couple DVD

An Animated, Energetic Look at How Relationships Can be More Successful. (DVD)


couplesillumindvdTrue partnerships between people are an essential element of a joyful existence, yet so rarely do we have examples and practices for creating them consciously, with joy and ease!  We often spend more time arguing and negotiating relationship—rather than loving, laughing and growing!

Learning about Conscious Partnership can orient you to each other in a new way, and can acquaint you with the larger fields of energy and Love from which you both originated. Through the many practical tools given here, your relationships can grow. You can learn how to see more clearly, act with integrity, and communicate with respect, thus healing separation between you and your partner. Conscious Partnership is a pathway to the matrix that connects you with the wonders of life all around.


PART 1: Offers wise words from Lila and David, illustrated by animations and accompanied by specific exercises.

PART 2: Provides an animated meditation which will support a continued practice in developing your relationship. Preview Here


Couple’s Illumination DVD – Price: Regular, $24.95