Illuminated Realtionships

Do you want to learn how to create a conscious, intimate, and Illuminated Relationship?


For over twenty years, Lila Sophia and David Tresemer have guided students of consciousness on a playful journey to create mindful partnerships. This information is now available to you in this wonderful course, Create an Illuminated Relationship.

Using universal laws of energy, star wisdom, sacred geometry, quantum physics and conscious actions, anyone can learn how to have a more intimate and loving relationship. Just think what it would mean to you if every relationship was based on a deep, soul connection!

Lila and David have created a series of videos and .pdfs to support this journey. They use magical exercises and practices that can change your connection to yourself and others instantly. Delight and expanding awareness to your potential through relationship is now a possibility for everyone!


The Illuminated Relationships series offers:

  • A mystical path to joyful partnership
  • Practical ways to expand from within so you can stay open
  • Methods to stand in your truth in a loving manner
  • Techniques to heal separation between you and your partner
  • A new perspective of your connection to each other
  • A way to shine and harmonize together with Oneness


Now you can reignite the spark that brought you together!

Learning about Illuminated Relationship from Lila Sophia and David Tresemer can orient you to each other in an innovative way, and can acquaint you with the larger fields of energy and Love from which you both originated. While connecting to your multi-dimensional self, your love and success expands from within and allows you both to connect, expand, and evolve like never before.

Through the many practical tools given here, your relationships can grow. You can learn how to see more clearly, act with integrity, and communicate with respect, thus healing separation between you and your partner. Conscious Partnership is a pathway to the matrix that connects you with the wonders of life all around.


We welcome you to our series to liberate and release your obstacles to a successful, Illuminated Relationship. 

This course consists of one overview audio plus 4 videos, with detailed handouts for each lesson.

1. What are Relationships For?

Here the Tresemers discuss and share insights about the vital importance that Illuminated Relationships have in your life.  They offer

  • A deeper understanding of love, sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy and how these differ and interrelate to create exceptional relationships
  • Help in understanding who you are and where you came from
  • Clarity about whether you are simply a physical being separate from others or have you come from a field of oneness from which everyone came
  • Is the real purpose of relationships to assist in growth as a human being?

Handout included.

2. Using Tools to Enhance Your Relationship

Having tools to deepen your communication can make all the difference! These tools enable you to look at issues beginning with the reactive mode, moving to the psychological mode, then to a more universal loving perspective. With these exercises, you can give and receive love more easily and improve your communication that leads to illuminated communion.

Here the Tresemers offer 5 Tools to engage and enhance your communications:

  • Heart Talk
  • “I love you.”
  • Mirroring
  • Concentric Circles
  • Panic Button

Handout included.


3. Creating an Energetic Partnership

In this section, the Tresemers cover more fun and revitalizing tools to keep you and your partner invigorated.  This knowledge is FUN and purposeful and includes:

  • Chakras
  • Breathing
  • “Across a Crowded Room”
  • Breathing Together and Moving Energy

You will learn how to connect on a physical, emotional, and energetic way to transform you and your partner’s union like never before. These tools can be life changing!

Handout included.

4. Finding the Name and Moving from One to ONENESS

Here the Tresemers share profound wisdom using classical spiritual texts as a means to understand our connection to the infinite, the ONENESS of the universe. They explain the concepts so you can decide with your partner how you can co-create in a more illuminated life together. Topics include:

  • How connection to each other combines with expanding universal awareness
  • Choosing a sacred name for the sacred in your relationship
  • Exercises to uncover your partnership blessings

Now you have the tools and concepts to have higher consciousness in each and every relationship you have, whether an intimate partner, family members, or business partners.

Handout included.



“Over the years, I have attended many of David and Lila Tresemer’s workshops. I am always so fulfilled at the end of them. I love the way they weave their magic, both with each other and with the group. They are inspiring, and revolutionary, I feel, in the way they approach human energy and spirit and connectedness. This last workshop was for couples, on relationship. I so enjoyed the perspective that I got with my husband—the softening—the tracking of energy—of being able to take away tools from this workshop that have really been helpful for us in deepening our relationship and taking it to a new level.”-  Susie Kincaid, Eagle, Colorado


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