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The complete Sophia Elements Meditations is offered here as a downloadable self-study of audio files and corresponding PDFs. The material is organised into 6 sessions.  David and Lila Sophia recorded a webinar series which is further commentary on the book.  The material is ideal for both individuals, and for small groups who are looking to start Sophia Element Meditations. This course is a study in Sacred Earth Activism.

To see if this is of interest to you we highly recommend first downloading and reading the Introduction PDF and listening to the podcast that goes with it. This can be got free by simply subscribing to our Mailing List.

If you would then like to continue this journey with Sophia Lineage, here’s what we will cover together:

To know where you come from has great power – because then you have an idea about where you’re going! Most moderns have a vague assumption that new-Darwinian evolutionary theory gives the correct story of origins. However, this creation myth has many problems with it. The creation story that makes most sense to us, and which can be verified through personal experience, involves Sophia. Our INTRO PDF & Webinar* + SESSION 1 tell this story.

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This section refines the relationship with the Concentric Circle model, which was presented in the Introduction. We review the template, which establishes a means to deliberately choose a foundational mythology. We narrate the Sophia Creation Myth, and discover how it can become a meaningful creation story for the outer ring of Concentric Circles, the mythic and symbolic. Once we understand our need for an intentional creation story (other than Darwinism or Creationism), we can better navigate a way to fulfilling our own unique Life Purpose.

Chapter7. The Sophia Elements Meditation – Step-wise
In this chapter we will present the steps of the Sophia Elements Meditations that were premiered at the StarHouse and developed there into a powerful technique that can be used anywhere. The Chapter 8 will give more background to what is going on here, for those who are interested.

SESSION FOUR (Chapters 8-9)
Chapter 8. Foundations
The basic understanding for these meditations is found most simply in the Concentric Circle model. We bring the chosen focus or story into the center of the Concentric Circles, and seek to discover the best ways for the gathered group to address that issue.

Chapter 9. Discoveries in Fire + Warmth — applying the Meditation Form to Issues related to Fire:
In these chapters, we will take the elements one at a time and go over the main features of a Sophia Elements Meditation. In each element, we interweave work at three levels:
Logos — science, concepts, pictures
Mythos — feelings, what warms us about the pictures and connects us with each other’s experience
Eros — what can we act upon in dynamic interplay with the earth and each other; our deeds and actions in the world.

SESSION FIVE (Chapters 10-11)
Chapter 10. Discoveries in Air

Air is another of the bodies of Sophia. We have to remember these things when we challenge our preconceptions about something so familiar to us.

Chapter 11. Discoveries in Water

Water is another of the bodies of the divine feminine source of creation, Sophia. In this chapter, we review the main aspects, but will leave you to engage with the pattern of the Elements Meditations (detailed in previous chapters): Create a sacred space and dedicate it; create a picture of health in the element; determine the challenge or problem issue; review the facts about that issue; move to the First Contemplation and gather insights; then create a synergy with your own insights, melding them with others in your group, or from the lists on these pages; then formulate the Second Contemplation. The meditation concludes by offering the full picture you have been asked to hold, and offering it up to unseen beings. Then pause to Receive, before Distributing for the good of the whole.

SESSION SIX (Chapters 12-13)
Chapter 12. Discoveries in the Element of Earth
The Primal Gesture
After the developments of warmth, air, and water, the earth stage enters, including aspects of all the other elements. What we experience in the world combines all of the elements, in different proportions.

In the sequence of creation, we have gone from original warmth as sacrifice in the best sense, to the development of the air stage as bestowing of blessing, to water as renunciation in service of movement with the river of life. We have worked within the Warmth Ether (in warmth), the Light Ether (in air), the Chemical and Sound Ethers (in water).

In the element of earth, the final congealing into matter, the Life Ether reveals itself.

Chapter 13. The Fifth Element

Love, the fifth element, creates cohesion with the others. In love they originate and in love they overlap. Most situations in the world relate to more than one element, and in every case, love is involved. Love is that which connects the conversation between apparently separate parts. It is the attractor which permeates the space; love can be seen as the primary cohesion in the field of consciousness itself.