1darren “Through beautiful and powerful teachings of connection and relationship, which Lila and David beautifully embody and teach, facilitated insight and clarity in my relationship with myself, my partner, and the world.  From these practices of connection I have been able to remain in relationship regardless of the circumstance or situation.  From their workshop I have been able to see that in difficulty, whether in intimate relationship or with the current state of the world, I can easily disconnect.  I found through the safe, subtle, and powerful container held by Lila and David, along with the esoteric teachings, the tools necessary for me to remain in connection.”

-Darren Silver, MA, Mythology of Initiation



 laura “David and Lila amaze me with their rare combination of down-to-earth humor and profound depth of learning.

My partner and I draw on their meditations whenever we need to restore our sense of vibrant connection.  Their unique ‘One-Two-Oneness’  teachings have helped me create more space in my personal relationships for remembering the great matrix of Life.  This remembrance feels like a golden key for passing through moments of tension without anyone getting hurt.”

– Laura Melling, MA, IDMA   , Director of the Boulder school of Myth & Movement Arts



 1gabriel “David and Lila Tresemer’s Illuminated Relationships work has helped me both personally and professionally. In my personal life, I have gained a broader perspective about my relationship, which allows me to see conflicts and successes from wider view. Rather than being caught-up in a basic story of my relationship, I am able to step out of that to see how both my psychology and my mythology is being revealed through the story. Now, big issues that arise in my relationship are seen as an exciting opportunity to better understand myself and my partner, and these understandings lead to purer actions that are in alignment with my greater purpose on this planet! When I am caught up in the basic story, I often react to situations to protect myself, but when I step out of that story I can instead be more vulnerable, caring, and compassionate. In my profession, I often use these tools to help my clients do the same thing. Many of my clients feel overwhelmed by life circumstances, and these tools allow the person to take a step beyond overwhelm and begin to see their lives through a different lens. While many of the tools are taught for the context of relationship, they work on so many other levels. “

– Gabriel Cannon, M.A., Psychotherapist/ Mentor, BoulderMentors.com



 susie “Over the years, I have attended many of David and Lila Tresemer’s workshops. I am always so fulfilled at the end of them. I love the way they weave their magic, both with each other and with the group. They are inspiring, and revolutionary, I feel, in the way they approach human energy and spirit and connectedness. This last workshop was for couples, on relationship. I so enjoyed the perspective that I got with my husband—the softening—the tracking of energy—of being able to take away tools from this workshop that have really been helpful for us in deepening our relationship and taking it to a new level.”

– Susie Kincaid,Eagle, CO., womenempower.us